ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 5    Date : July 2009

Fuzzy Evaluation on Network Security Based on the New Algorithm of Membership Degree
Hua Jiang and Junhu Ruan
Page(s): 324-331
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Network security has close relationships with the physical environment of information carriers,
information transmission, information storage, information management and so on, and these
relations have much ambiguity. Therefore, it is reasonable and scientific to apply fuzzy
comprehensive evaluation method for network security fuzzy evaluation. The core of network security
fuzzy evaluation is membership degree transformation calculation. But the transformation methods
should be discussed, because redundant data in index membership degree is also used to
compute object membership degree, which is not useful for object classification. The new algorithm
is: using data mining technology based on entropy to mine knowledge information about object
classification hidden in every index, affirm the relationship of object classification and index
membership, eliminate the redundant data in index membership for object classification by defining
distinguishable weight and extract valid values to compute object membership. The new algorithm
of membership degree transformation includes three calculation steps which can be summarized
as “effective, comparison and composition”, which is denoted as M(1,2,3). The paper applied the
new algorithm in network security fuzzy evaluation.

Index Terms
network security, membership degree transformation, fuzzy evaluation, M(1,2,3) model