ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : June 2009

Ubiquitous Commerce: Theories, Technologies, and Applications
Liyi Zhang, Qihua Liu, and Xinjian Li
Page(s): 271-278
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With the rapid development of ubiquitous computing and mobile communication technologies, the
traditional business model will change drastically. As a logical extension of e-commerce and
m-commerce, ubiquitous commerce (u-commerce) research and application are currently under
transition with a history of numerous tried and failed solutions, and a future of promising but yet
uncertain possibilities with potential new technology innovations. At this point of the development,
we propose a suitable framework and organize the u-commerce research under the proposed
classification scheme. The current situation outlined by the scheme has been addressed by
exploratory and early phase studies. We hope the findings of this research will provide useful
insights for anyone who is interested in u-commerce. The paper also provides some future
directions for research.

Index Terms
ubiquitous commerce, u-commerce, ubiquitous application, pervasive computing, wireless sensor
network, RFID, location