ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : June 2009

Interior Link Delay Reference of Ad Hoc Networks Based on End-to-End Measurement: Linear
Analysis Model of Delay
Ye Yao and Wandong Cai
Page(s): 244-253
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The interior link performance parameter is an important metric to evaluate the Ad Hoc networks, and
moreover, to control and optimize the network performance parameters for special applications (i.e.,
OoS). The object of this paper is to infer the interior link delay in Ad Hoc networks. End-to-End
measurement technology is introduced to our research for inferring the link delay probability
distribution through End-to-End measurement based on linear analysis model. Simulation results
indicate that this method is effective in small scale of Ad Hoc networks.

Index Terms
Ad Hoc networks; End-to-End measurement; link delay inference; linear analysis model of delay