ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : May 2009

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Fairness of High-Speed TCP Protocols with Different Flow Capacities
Rachid Mbarek, Mohamed Tahar Ben Othman, and Salem Nasri
Page(s): 163-169
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An Efficient Strategy for Enhancing Robustness and Immunization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shu-kui Zhang, Sheng-rong Gong, Zhi-ming Cui, and Quan Liu
Page(s): 170-177
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Performance Analysis of Disable IP Broadcast Technique for Prevention of Flooding-Based DDoS
Attack in MANET
Yogesh Chaba, Yudhvir Singh, and Preeti Aneja
Page(s): 178-183
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A New Soft Handover Mechanism using DCHs in 3GPP HSDPA Networks
TaeHoon Lee, SungHoon Seo, UiTaek Lee, and JooSeok Song
Page(s): 184-191
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Implementing Role Based Access in Healthcare Ad Hoc Networks
Qurban A. Memon
Page(s): 192-199
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User Authentication with Provable Security against Online Dictionary Attacks
Yongzhong He and Zhen Han
Page(s): 200-207
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SmartGate: A MAC Protocol for Gateway Discovery in Clustered Ad-Hoc Networks
P. Venkateswaran, Pritam Som, Rahul Ghosh, Aritra Das, Subananda Hansda, Rabindranath Nandi
Page(s): 208-215
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Efficient Frame Schedule Scheme for Real-time Video Transmission Across the Internet Using
Yonghua Xiong, Min Wu, and Weijia Jia
Page(s): 216-223
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