ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

Toward Neural Networks Solution for Multimedia Support in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Lyes Khoukhi and Soumaya Cherkaoui
Page(s): 148-161
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In this paper, we detail an integrated model for quality of service (QoS) support with service
differentiation based on neural networks in wireless mobile ad hoc networks. The model aims at
minimizing end-to-end delay for real-time traffic when the network has low to medium dynamics.
The use of multi-service classes allows per-flow end-to-end QoS support. The operation of the
model is based on a set of core functionality that is augmented with an intelligent learning layer.
Core operations ensure different tasks of routing and QoS support control such as route discovery,
resources reservation, admission control, traffic adaptation and detection and recovery of QoS
violation. The added intelligent layer learns from the different operations performed by the core
functionality by means of a Multilayered Feedforward Neural Network according to user
requirements and network state. The integrated model showed in simulations that the core
functionality together with the intelligent learning improve the quality of data delivery in the network
comparatively to models such as SWAN.  Te effect of the learning rate on the convergence of
network training was also examined. Using intelligent neural networks tools to support the
multimedia services in ad hoc networks is a promising avenue.

Index Terms
Quality of Service, Service Differentiation, Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks, Neural Networks.