ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

An Index Structure Framework to Analyze Host Mobility Supports for Integrated Networks
Yujia Zhai, Yue Wang, Jian Yuan, Yong Ren, and Xiuming Shan
Page(s): 53-64
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Convergence is a key design aspect for next generation networks. Developing a general mobility
management model is an important requirement for the integrated mobile networks. This paper
begins with a survey of mobility management concept. Based on the analysis and comparison, we
present a conceptual explanation of mobility management layer for mobility and its management. An
index structure framework to analyze host mobility supports for integrated mobile networks is
proposed in this paper. Our framework investigates the previous methods for mobility model
analysis, and builds a general model to characterize and unify different mobility management
schemes into an index structure. In our model, we construct the basic elements of management
mechanisms, i.e. node and edge, and define the main operations, namely, update operation and
query operation. At the same time, the fundamental performance metrics and the expressions of the
cost functions is obtained. The proposed framework is flexible in its elements and parameters, and
could be applied for many scenarios. We demonstrate the utility of our framework by evaluating
various host mobility support schemes.

Index Terms
index structure, analysis framework, mobility management, host mobility support, integrated mobile
IP networks