ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 8    Date : November 2008

A Call Admission Control Protocol for Multimedia Cellular Networks
Ayman Elnaggar, Mokhtar Aboelaze, and Maan Musleh
Page(s): 45-54
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The performance of any cellular wireless network, as well as its revenue (number of customers
using the network, and their degree of satisfaction) is determined to a great extent by its call
admission control (CAC) protocol. As its name implies, the CAC determine if a new call request is
granted, or rejected. In this paper, we propose a call admission control protocol for cellular
multimedia wireless networks. Multimedia networks are characterized by a wide variety of
bandwidth requests, priorities, and drop-off/rejection requirements by different customers. Our
protocol depends on degrading the existing calls, according to their degradation priority, by reducing
the bandwidth allocated to them in order to admit new calls according to their admission priority.
Our protocol is too complicated for an analytical solution. However we present a Markov Model of a
simplified version of our protocol for completeness, a Markov representation of the protocol is too
complicated to be of any real value. Extensive simulation results show how our proposed protocol
can improve the drop-off/rejection ratio for large bandwidth calls and at the same time maintain the
quality of service requested by important calls.

Index Terms
call admission protocols; cellular networks; QoS; call degradation.