ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 7    Date : July 2008

On the Interaction Between Multiple Paths and Wireless Mesh Networks Scheduler Approaches
Valeria Loscrì
Page(s): 64-77
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Multi-path routing allows building and use of multiple paths for routing between a
source-destination pair. This paper investigates the problem of selecting multiple routing paths to
provide better reliability and load balancing in wireless mesh networks with stationary nodes.
Previous work has investigated the use of additional data redundancy to improve the throughput of
the network. In these specific cases, node disjoint-ness property of the multiple paths is required. In
this work we investigate multipath routing without packet duplication, and no disjointed paths for
achieving better performance in terms of packet delivery rate and low delay. We propose a very
simple reactive on-demand distance vector routing protocol. Multiple paths built through this
approach are loop-free. In order to better exploit resources redundancy (with the term resources
redundancy we mean the possibility to exploit more nodes to send data packets), it is our belief that
a routing protocol cannot be independent of the MAC layer. For this reason, we evaluated our routing
protocol on four different MAC approaches specifically designed for Wireless Mesh Networks
(WMNs). Firstly, we implemented the Coordinated Distributed Scheduler scheme of the Std. IEEE
802.16. Secondly, since some parameters have been left unstandardized in this scheme, we
proposed an enhanced version of the CDS, in which a simple and dynamic criterion has been
designed to set one of these parameters. Furthermore, we proposed two different scheduling
schemes called Randomized- MAC (R-MAC) and Distributed Scheduling Scheme (DSS). We
evaluated the impact of multiple paths in respect of the single path on all the scheduler schemes
cited above. Results show as the simple routing approach is effective with every MAC protocol

Index Terms
WMNs, Multipath Routing;Coordinated Distributed Scheduling; R-MAC; Distributed Scheduling
Scheme; MPRP;