ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 6    Date : June 2008

An Intelligent Multicast Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector Protocol for MANETs
E. Baburaj and V. Vasudevan
Page(s): 62-68
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Recently multicast ro uting protocols in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are emerging for
wireless group communication. This includes application such as multipoint data dissemination
and multiparty conferencing which made the analytical design and development of the MANETs in a
very efficient manner. For MANETs there are several multicast routing protocols are available, but
they perform well under specific scenarios only. The topology of a MANET changes adequately
based on the random mobility of network nodes, unlike the network topology of a wired network
which is static.
Multicast routing protocol outperforms the basic broadcast routing by sharing the resources along
general links, while sending information to a set of predefined multiple destinations in a concurrent
way. Due to the lack of redundancy in multipath and multicast structures, the multicast routing
protocols are vulnerable to the component failure in ad-hoc networks. So it is the dire need to solve
the problem optimally. One of the efficient techniques for solving the optimization problem is the
Genetic Algorithm (GA). The key factors that determine the performance of GA is by the well
designed architecture of chromosomes and operators in the intelligent algorithm.
This paper proposes a new genetic algorithm based Multicast Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector
Protocol for MANETs (GA-MAODV), which improves the packet delivery ratio of the routing
messages. The GAbased MAODV allows each node in the network to send out multicast data
packets, and the multicast data packets are broadcast when propagating along the multicast group

Index Terms
multicasting, routing protocols, MANETs, MAODV, Genetic Algorithm.