ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : May 2008

Smart Classrooms for Distance Education and their Adoption to Multiple Classroom Architecture
Davar Pishva and G. G. D. Nishantha
Page(s): 54-64
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This paper provides an overview of the technologies used in smart classrooms for distance
education by classifying smart classrooms into four categories and discussing the type of  
technologies used in their implementation. It gives an example of a successful implementation of
distance education technology being used to link university campuses in Japan and the US, and  
describes its underlying architecture and implementation technologies. It examines the
methodologies being used to make distance learning an exciting experience and as effective as the
traditional classroom type education. Furthermore, the paper shows how a similar architecture can
be extended to a model where a single local class can simultaneously cater to the needs of
multiple remote classrooms and presents a workable solution to some of the technical challenges
that exits in multipoint, multiple classroom architecture. Finally, it shows how some of the inherent
challenges of the system are being managed and identifies physical and practical limitations of a
multiple classroom architecture for a successful remote lecturing environment.

Index Terms
Internet, remote lecturing, remote lecturing system, smart classrooms, multiple classroom