ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : May 2008

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A Conceptual Model for Analysis and Design of Tunable Security Services
Stefan Lindskog, Zoltán Faigl, and Anna Brunstrom
Page(s): 1-12
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Prevention of Co-operative Black Hole Attack in MANET
Latha Tamilselvan and V. Sankaranarayanan
Page(s): 13-20
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Wireless Sensor Network for Wearable Physiological Monitoring
P. S. Pandian, K. P. Safeer, Pragati Gupta, D. T. Shakunthala, B. S. Sundersheshu, and V. C. Padaki
Page(s): 21-29
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Mobile Agents for Service Personalization in Smart Environments
Iván Marsá-Maestre, Miguel A. López-Carmona, Juan R. Velasco, and Andrés Navarro
Page(s): 30-41
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A Proxy-Based Approach to Enhancing the Autonomic Behavior in Composite Services
Onyeka Ezenwoye and S. Masoud Sadjadi
Page(s): 42-53
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Smart Classrooms for Distance Education and their Adoption to Multiple Classroom Architecture
Davar Pishva and G. G. D. Nishantha
Page(s): 54-64
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Avoidance Mechanism of Redundant Transmissions in Content Cruising System
Takaaki Ishida, Keijiro Ehara, Seiichiro Toda, Yasuhiro Ohara, Masayoshi Imaike, and Jun Murai
Page(s): 65-77
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