ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : April 2008

A Position Based Ant Colony Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Shahab Kamali and Jaroslav Opatrny
Page(s): 31-41
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Position based routing algorithms use the knowledge of the position of nodes for routing of packets
in mobile ad-hoc networks. Previously proposed position based routing algorithms may fail to find a
route from a source to a destination in some types of ad-hoc networks and if they find a route, it may
be much longer than the shortest path. On the other hand, routing algorithms which are based on
ant colony optimization find routing paths that are close in length to the shortest paths. The
drawback of these algorithms is the large number of control messages that needs to be sent or the
long delay before the routes are established from a source to a destination. In this paper we
propose a new reactive routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks, called POSANT (Position
based Ant Colony Routing Algorithm), which combines the idea of ant colony optimization with
information about the position of nodes. In contrast to the other ant colony optimization based
routing algorithms, our simulations show that POSANT has a relatively short route establishment
time while using a small number of control messages which makes it a scalable reactive routing

Index Terms
mobile ad-hoc networks, routing algorithms, position based routing, ant colony optimization