ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : April 2008

Heterogeneous Component Interactions: Sensors Integration Into Multimedia Applications
Christine Louberry, Philippe Roose, and Marc Dalmau
Page(s): 21-30
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Resource-constrained embedded and mobile devices are becoming increasingly common. Since
few years, some mobile and ubiquitous devices such as wireless sensor, able to be aware of their
physical environment, appeared. Such devices enable proposing applications which adapt to user’s
need according the context evolution. It implies the collaboration of sensors and software
components which differ on their nature and their communication mechanisms. This paper
proposes a unified component model in order to easily design applications based on software
components and sensors without taking care of their nature. Then it presents a state of the art of
communication problems linked to heterogeneous components and proposes an interaction
mechanism which ensures information exchanges between wireless sensors and software

Index Terms
Multimedia applications, software component, component model, sensor network, communication