ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 3    Date : March 2008

Re-Configurable Antenna & Transmission Power for Location Aware MANET Routing with
Multiple Objective Optimization
Sanjaya Gajurel and Behnam Malakooti
Page(s): 11-18
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In this paper we develop a Directional Antenna Multi-path Location Aided Routing (DA-MLAR)
scheme with On Demand Transmission Power (ODTP) support. The routing approach is based on
multiple objectives. DAMLAR is a reactive routing protocol that minimizes the protocol overhead of
other reactive routing protocols. DAMLAR also improves the packet delivery ratio and end-toend
delay. The targeted application contexts include MANET with energy awareness, and
communications in space networks, where efficient and reliable packet delivery is very challenging
due to the high bit error rate, intermittent connectivity, limited bandwidth, and energy. By using
different transmission power based on the calculated distance from the current sender node to the
destination node or the next hop node, DA-MLAR-ODTP gets the best of the directional and
omni-directional modes. Compared to DA-MLAR, on demand transmission power mode further
improves the packet delivery ratio by up to 37% and dwindles end-to-end delay by up to 57% with
approximately the same amount of energy consumption. The multiple objective optimization is
based on using a Normalized Weighted Additive Utility Function (NWAUF) approach that shows
comparison of different objective performances with and without on demand transmission power
capability. Simulation experiments were conducted. They show that is the developed technique
strengthens the reliability of communication systems for given targeted objectives.

Index Terms
Ad Hoc Network, Directional Antenna, Location Aware Routing, Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Performance
Evaluation, Multi-objective MANET Routing.