ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 1    Date : January 2008

Low-Latency Geographic Routing for Asynchronous Energy-Harvesting WSNs
Donggeon Noh, Ikjune Yoon, and Heonshik Shin
Page(s): 78-85
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Research on data routing strategies for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has largely focused on
energy efficiency. However rapid advances in WSNs require routing protocols which can
accommodate new types of energy source and data of requiring short end-to-end delay. In this
paper, we describe a duty-cycle-based low-latency geographic routing for asynchronous
energy-harvesting WSNs. It uses an algorithm (D-APOLLO) that periodically and locally determines
the topological knowledge range and duty-cycle of each node, based on an estimated energy
budget for each period which includes the currently available energy, the predicted energy
consumption, and the energy expected from the harvesting device. This facilitates a low latency
routing scheme which considers both geographic and duty-cycle information about the neighbors of
a node, so that data can be routed efficiently and delivered to the sink as quickly as possible.
Simulation results confirm that our routing scheme can deliver data to the sink with high reliability
and low latency.

Index Terms
wireless sensor network, duty cycle, geographic, routing, low-latency, energy harvesting