ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 3    Issue : 1    Date : January 2008

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Multi-target Data Aggregation and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
Maarten Ditzel, Caspar Lageweg, Johan Janssen, and Arne Theil
Page(s): 1-9
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Design and Evaluation of a Novel HIP-Based Network Mobility Protocol
Szabolcs Nováczki, László Bokor, Gábor Jeney, and Sándor Imre
Page(s): 10-24
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Fraudulent Internet Banking Payments Prevention using Dynamic Key
Osama Dandash, Yiling Wang, and Phu Dung Leand Bala Srinivasan
Page(s): 25-34
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Improving Semantic Web Service Discovery
J. Javier Samper, F. Javier Adell, Leo van den Berg, and J. José Martinez
Page(s): 35-42
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ROAL: A Randomly Ordered Activation and Layering Protocol for Ensuring K-Coverage in
Wireless Sensor Networks
Hogil Kim, Eun Jung Kim, and Ki Hwan Yum
Page(s): 43-52
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Mobility Metrics Evaluation for Self-Adaptive Protocols
Cholatip Yawut, Beatrice Paillassa, and Riadh Dhaou
Page(s): 53-64
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Securing Wireless Sensor Networks: Security Architectures
David Boyle and Thomas Newe
Page(s): 65-77
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Low-Latency Geographic Routing for Asynchronous Energy-Harvesting WSNs
Donggeon Noh, Ikjune Yoon, and Heonshik Shin
Page(s): 78-85
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