ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 6    Date : December 2007

Store and Forward Applications in Telemedicine for Wireless IP Based Networks
Poondi Srinivasan Pandian, Kadavath Peedikayil Safeer, Doddamallur Thirumala Iyengar
Shakunthala, Parvati Gopal, and Vinod Chidambar Padaki
Page(s): 58-65
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Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology to provide medical information and
services. It may be as simple as two health professionals discussing a case over the telephone, or
as sophisticated as using satellite technology to broadcast a consultation between providers at
facilities in two countries, using videoconferencing equipment. The first is used daily by most health
professionals, and the latter is used by the military and some large medical centers. In the past,
several telemedicine applications using wired communications were presented. The recent
evolutions of wireless communications have enabled telemedicine systems to operate throughout
the world, hence expanding telemedicine benefits, applications, and services. In telemedicine,
typically scenarios is two doctors are involved with the patient: a local attending doctor and a remote
tele-doctor who is engaged to do one or more of a variety of services ranging from tele-consultation,
or performing a tele-surgery, as well as tele-diagnosis where a doctor tele-diagnoses a sickness.
The telemedicine systems need to be very simple to operate, reliable and consistent links, use
standard communication protocols, and efficient bandwidth. The current generation of the
telemedicine systems uses the store-and-forward approach of telemedicine, where medical data
are acquired and compiled and transmitted. A high quality video and audio is required at both the
sides to enable the consulting doctor and patients to have face-to-face encounter with the expert
doctor. In this paper we discuss a prototype wireless Internet Protocol (IP) based store and forward
telemedicine system using the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite communication and
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Index Terms
store and forward, telemedicine, VSAT, LAN, wireless, protocol.