ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 6    Date : December 2007

Towards a Novel Metadata Information Service for Distributed Data Management
Alexander Wöehrer and Peter Brezany
Page(s): 33-41
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The trend in Grid computing towards more data intensive applications, accessing more and more
relational databases and requiring advanced integration of secondhand and publicly available data
sources, is still upstanding. Rich metadata information about these data sources plays a vital role
for efficient distributed data management. There is a lack of service oriented monitoring tools
providing a rich set of metadata for data sources, in contrast to the established usage of monitoring
and metadata information tools for network and computational Grid resources. We allow the
improved integration and exploitation of data sources in service-oriented architectures by providing
a service oriented monitoring tool, named DSMON, for them – initially focusing on relational
databases. Our approach supports coarse and fine grained information about heterogeneous
relational databases via a uniform interface and provides a homogeneous view on the available
metadata. This paper presents novel usage scenarios needing a monitoring service as well as
important requirements to be fulfilled by such a service. Our research prototype is not bound to a
specific data access middleware nor necessarily tightly coupled with other components. Therefore it
can play a vital role in any service oriented infrastructure targeted towards advanced data access,
integration and management. The functionality and performance of the DSMON prototype is
demonstrated for commonly used relational databases such as MySQL, PostGRE and Oracle.
DSMON is an essential component of a more general metadata information service, called DSMIS,
for data sources providing advanced funtionalities like prediction of the future behavior of a data
source and external metadata updates. We introduce its overall architecture and discuss its novel

Index Terms
relational database, monitoring service, data management, metadata information service