ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : September 2007

Alternate Routing in Tandem Traffic-Groomed Optical Networks
Alicia Nicki Washington and Harry G. Perros
Page(s): 69-77
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Recent advances in telecommunication networks have allowed WDM to emerge as a viable solution
to the ever-increasing demands of the Internet. Because these networks carry large amounts of
traffic, alternate routing methods are designed in order to allow traffic to be properly re-routed from
source to destination in the event of certain events, such as link blocking or failure. In this paper, we
consider a tandem traffic-groomed optical network, modeled as a multi-level overflow system,
where each level represents a wavelength between adjacent nodes. The queueing network is
analyzed using a combination of methods. As will be shown, the decomposition method provides a
good approximate analysis of large overflow systems supporting traffic from multiple sources.

Index Terms
traffic grooming, multi-rate, optical networks, overflow, queuing networks