ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 5    Date : September 2007

A Frequency Diverse Gen2 RFID System with Isolated Continuous Wave Emitters
Hsin-Chin Liu, Yi-Fan Chen, and Yung-Ting Chen
Page(s): 54-60
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The “Gen2” specification for UHF passive RFID systems released by EPCglobal has become an
intense research interest. A Gen2 tag derives its power from the RF wave emitted by a Gen2 RFID
reader and responds its modulated backscatter signals to the reader. Due to the large propagation
loss, the accessible range of a Gen2 tag is hence limited. Moreover, the readability of a Gen2 tag is
often influenced by the multipath fading problem. In order to mitigate the problems, a multi-carrier
UHF passive RFID system utilizing the frequency diverse backscatter ability of a Gen2 tag is
proposed in a prior work. In this work, a thorough analysis of the system is given. Especially, the
appropriate powers of the transceiver and CWEs are derived to make the system more feasible in
practical applications.

Index Terms
RFID, Gen2, multipath fading, frequency diversity