ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : August 2007

A Multiple LSPs Approach to Secure Data in MPLS Networks
Sahel Alouneh, Abdeslam En-nouaary, and Anjali Agarwal
Page(s): 51-58
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MPLS security is an evolving issue which has been raised by many researchers and service
providers. The basic architecture of MPLS network does not provide security services such as
encryption. Therefore, MPLS does not protect the confidentiality of data transmitted. This paper
provides a mechanism to enhance the security in MPLS networks by proposing a modified (k, n)
Threshold Secret Sharing scheme where the n shares obtained are send over multiple disjoint
paths. We have implemented our approach to measure its time overhead on packet transmission.

Index Terms
MPLS, Security, Threshold Secret Sharing, LSP