ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : August 2007

Collision Prevention Platform for a Dynamic Group of Asynchronous Cooperative Mobile Robots
Rami Yared, Xavier Défago, Julien Iguchi-Cartigny, and Matthias Wiesmann
Page(s): 28-39
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This paper presents a fail-safe platform on which cooperative mobile robots rely for their motion.
The platform consists of a collision prevention protocol for a dynamic group of cooperative mobile
robots with asynchronous communications. The collision prevention protocol is timefree, in the
sense that it never relies on physical time, which makes it extremely robust for timing uncertainty
common in wireless networks. It guarantees that no two robots ever collide, regardless of the
respective activities of the robots. The protocol is based on a fully distributed path reservation
system. It assumes a mobile ad hoc network formed by the robots themselves, and takes
advantage of the inherent locality of the problem in order to reduce communication. The protocol
requires neither initial nor complete knowledge of the composition of the group. A performance
analysis of the protocol provides insights for a proper dimensioning of system parameters in order
to maximize the average effective speed of the robots.

Index Terms
collision prevention, mobility, fail-safe, autonomous cooperative robots, wireless ad hoc networks,
distributed algorithms.