ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : April 2007

An Adaptive Gateway Discovery Algorithm to support QoS When Providing Internet Access to
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mari Carmen Domingo and Rui Prior
Page(s): 33-44
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When a node in an ad hoc network wants Internet access, it needs to obtain information about the
available gateways and it should select the most appropriate of them. In this work we propose a
new gateway discovery scheme suitable for real-time applications that adjusts the frequency of
gateway advertisements dynamically. This adjustment is related to the percentage of real-time
sources that have quality of service problems because of excessive end-to-end delays. The optimal
values for the configuration parameters (time interval and threshold) of the proposed adaptive
gateway discovery mechanism for the selected network conditions have been studied with the aid of
simulations. The scalability of the proposed scheme with respect to mobility as well as the impact
of best-effort traffic load have been analyzed. Simulation results indicate that the proposed scheme
significantly improves the average end-to-end delay, jitter and packet delivery ratio of real-time flows;
the routing overhead is also reduced and there is no starvation of best-effort traffic.

Index Terms
ad hoc network, Internet gateway discovery, quality of service, performance analysis