ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 2    Issue : 2    Date : April 2007

Improving Experience-Based Admission Control through Traffic Type Awareness
Jens Milbrandt, Michael Menth, and Jan Junker
Page(s): 11-22
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Experience-based admission control (EBAC) is a hybrid approach combining the classical
parameter-based and measurement-based admission control. EBAC calculates an appropriate
overbooking factor used to overbook link capacities with resource reservations in packet-switched
networks. This overbooking factor correlates with the average peak-to-mean rate ratio of all admitted
traffic flows on the link. So far, a single overbooking factor is calculated for the entire traffic
aggregate. In this paper, we propose typespecific EBAC which provides a compound overbooking
factor considering different types of traffic that subsume flows with similar peak-to-mean rate ratios.
The concept can be well implemented since it does not require measurements of type-specific
traffic aggregates. We give a proof of concept for this extension and compare it with the conventional
EBAC approach. We show that EBAC with type-specific overbooking leads to better resource
utilization under normal conditions and to faster response times for changing traffic mixes.

Index Terms
admission control, reservation overbooking, quality of service, resource & traffic management