ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 1    Issue : 6    Date : November/December 2006

A Comparison of Replication Strategies for Reliable Decentralised Storage
Matthew Leslie, Jim Davies, and Todd Huffman
Page(s): 36-44
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Distributed hash tables (DHTs) can be used as the basis of a resilient lookup service in unstable
environments: local routing tables are updated to reflected changes in the network; efficient routing
can be maintained in the face of participant node failures. This fault-tolerance is an important
aspect of modern, decentralised data storage solutions. In architectures that employ DHTs, the
choice of algorithm for data replication and maintenance can have a significant impact upon
performance and reliability. This paper presents a comparative analysis of replication algorithms for
architectures based upon a specific design of DHT. It presents also a novel maintenance algorithm
for dynamic replica placement, and considers the reliability of the resulting designs at the system
level. The performance of the algorithms is examined using simulation techniques; significant
differences are identified in terms of communication costs and latency.

Index Terms
peer to peer, reliable storage, distributed hash table, dhash, chord