ISSN : 1796-2056
Volume : 1    Issue : 3    Date : July 2006

An Efficient Role Specification Management Model for Highly Distributed Environments
Soomi Yang
Page(s): 18-22
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Highly distributed environments such as pervasive computing environments not having global or
broad control, need another attribute certificate management technique. For an efficient role based
access control using attribute certificate, we use a technique of structuring role specification
certificates. It can provide more flexible and secure collaborating environments. The roles are
grouped and made them into the relation tree. It can reduce management cost and overhead
incurred when changing the specification of the role. Further we use caching of frequently used role
specification certificate for better performance in case applying the role. Tree structured role
specification results secure and efficient role renewing and distribution. Caching of role
specification helps an application of role. In order to be scalable distribution of the role specification
certificate, we use multicasting packets. Also, performance enhancement of structuring role
specification certificates is quantified in the sense of taking into account of the packet loss. In the
experimental section, it is shown that role updating and distribution are secured and efficient.

Index Terms
role specification, role based access control, multicast