Journal of Networks (JNW, ISSN 1796-2056)
Special Issue on All-Optically Routed Networks

The evolution of communication networks is driven by a huge increase of end user traffic and bandwidth
demands due to the recent massive deployment of broadband access technologies as well as the
outburst of new network applications and emerging service oriented applications. The observed trends
are accompanied by the advances in optical technologies which have enabled the development of long-
distance and high-capacity transmission systems. Although, nowadays the role of optics in
communication networks is limited mainly to the realization of transmission and some limited switching
functions, next generation optical networks are foreseen to perform extended switching and control
processing operations in the optical domain. Apart from answers to existing technology challenges, the
development of all-optically routed networks imposes the need for novel approaches and solutions to
meet the requirements dictated by the evolving and new services that are becoming available to the end
users. Particular topics of interest include fast provisioning of high bandwidth services, dynamic
management of end-to-end resources in an efficient and reliable manner, support of a wide range of
service granularities, design and development of power-efficient protocols and equipment, guarantee of
both quality of service and transmission for various user applications, and support of network and user
data security. It is important to note that these issues need to be addressed aiming at overcoming the
limited network scalability and flexibility of today’s network infrastructures suffering by insufficient network
manageability and increased overall capital and operational expenditure leading to high network services

The scope of this special issue is concentrated on current research activities that aim at the development
of all-optical communication networks, and includes among others topics such as:

    •        Control and management of all-optical networks
    •        Energy- and cost-efficient optical networks
    •        Experimental testbeds of optical systems
    •        Hybrid optical / wireless networks
    •        Optical access networks
    •        Optical burst / packet switching
    •        Optical internet
    •        Optical network security, reliability, survivability, and quality of service provisioning
    •        Optical signal processing
    •        Optical switching & routing
    •        Physical impairment-aware optical networking


Prospective authors should submit high quality and original contributions that have not appeared, nor are
under consideration, in any other journals. Submissions should follow the guidelines of Journal of
Communications, which can be found at:

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the corresponding Guest Editor, Dr. Anna Tzanakaki at For further questions or inquiries, please contact the corresponding Guest Editor.

Important Dates

    Submission deadline                November 30, 2009
    Author notification                       February 26, 2010
    Final manuscript due                 March 15, 2010
    Tentative publication date         4Q, 2010

Guest Editors

    Dr. Anna Tzanakaki (Email:
    Associate Professor, Athens Information Technology, 0.8km Markopoulou Ave., 19002 Peania,
    Athens, Greece

    Dr. Davide Careglio (Email:
    Department of Computer Architecture, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Jordi Girona 1-3, D6-
    103, 08034 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

    Dr. Mirek Klinkowski (Email:
    Department of Transmission and Optical Technology, National Institute of Telecommunications, 1
    Szachowa Street, 04-894 Warsaw, Poland

    Dr. Antonio Teixeira (Email:
    Instituto de Telecomunicações, Universidade de Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portuga