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Instructions for Authors


· Manuscript Submission

· Conference Version

· Review Process

· Revised and Final Version

· Copyright Transfer

· Publication Charges and Orders



Manuscript Submission


All paper submissions will be handled electronically in EDAS via the


JNW Submission Page


After login EDAS, you will first register the paper. Afterwards, you will be able to add authors and submit the manuscript (file). If you do not have an EDAS account, you can obtain one.


· JNW invites original, previously unpublished, research papers, review, survey and tutorial papers, application papers, plus case studies, short research notes and letters, on both applied and theoretical aspects.

· Submission implies that the manuscript has not been published previously, and is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Submission also implies that the corresponding author has consent of all authors.

· Upon acceptance for publication transfer of copyright will be made to Academy Publisher, author will be requested to pay a mandatory publication charge. Article submission implies author agreement with this policy.

· Manuscripts should be written in English. Paper submissions are accepted only in PDF. Other formats will not be accepted. Papers should be formatted into A4-size (8.27" x 11.69") pages, with main text of 10-point Times New Roman, in single-spaced two-column format. Authors are advised to follow the format of the final version at this stage. All the papers, except survey, should ideally not exceed 12,000 words (14 pages) in length.

· Whenever applicable, submissions must include the following elements: title, authors, affiliations, contacts, abstract, index terms, introduction, main text, conclusions, appendixes, acknowledgement, references, and biographies.

· Authors may suggest 2-4 reviewers when submitting their works, by providing us with the reviewers' title, full name and contact information. The editor will decide whether the recommendations will be used or not.



Conference Version


Submissions previously published in conference proceedings are eligible for consideration provided that the author informs the Editors at the time of submission and that the submission has undergone substantial revision. In the new submission, authors are required to cite the previous publication and very clearly indicate how the new submission offers substantively novel or different contributions beyond those of the previously published work. The appropriate way to indicate that your paper has been revised substantially is for the new paper to have a new title. Author should supply a copy of the previous version to the Editor, and provide a brief description of the differences between the submitted manuscript and the previous version. Template in TXT for the “List of Modifications” can be downloaded here.


If the authors provide a previously published conference submission, Editors will check the submission to determine whether there has been sufficient new material added to warrant publication in the Journal. The Academy Publisher’s guidelines are that the submission should contain a significant amount of new material, that is, material that has not been published elsewhere. New results are not required; however, the submission should contain expansions of key ideas, examples, elaborations, and so on, of the conference submission. The paper submitting to the journal should differ from the previously published material by at least 30 percent.



Review Process


Submissions are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has been neither submitted to, nor published in, another publication. Concurrent submission to other publications will result in immediate rejection of the submission.


All manuscripts will be subject to a well established, fair, unbiased peer review and refereeing procedure, and are considered on the basis of their significance, novelty and usefulness to the Journals readership. The reviewing structure will always ensure the anonymity of the referees. The review output will be one of the following decisions:

· Accept

· Accept with minor changes

· Accept with major changes

· Reject


The review process may take approximately three months to be completed. Should authors be requested by the editor to revise the text, the revised version should be submitted within 3 months for a major revision or 1 month for a minor revision. Authors who need more time are kindly requested to contact the Editor. The Editor reserves the right to reject a paper if it does not meet the aims and scope of the journal, it is not technically sound, it is not revised satisfactorily, or if it is inadequate in presentation.



Revised and Final Version


Revised version should follow the same requirements as for the final version to format the paper, plus a short summary about the modifications authors have made and author's response to reviewer's comments.


Authors are requested to use the Academy Publisher Journal Style for preparing the final camera-ready version. A example paper is available (LaTex source: examplepaper_latex.tar, Template in PDF (template.pdf) and in MS word (template.doc) can also be downloaded. Authors are requested to strictly follow the guidelines specified in the templates. Only PDF format is acceptable. The PDF document should be sent as an open file, i.e. without any data protection. Authors should submit their revised paper electronically to the Journal's submission address. Please always quote the paper ID in the submissions and any further enquiries.


Please do not use the Adobe Acrobat PDFWriter to generate the PDF file. Use the Adobe Acrobat Distiller instead, which is contained in the same package as the Acrobat PDFWriter. Make sure that you have used Type 1 or True Type Fonts (check with the Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Writer by clicking on File>Document Properties>Fonts to see the list of fonts and their type used in the PDF document).


Authors will receive the notification of acceptance by email from our Editor-in-Chief, with the guidelines of how to finalize the other publication procedures.



Copyright Transfer


Submission of your paper to this journal implies that the paper is not under submission for publication elsewhere. Material which has been previously copyrighted, published, or accepted for publication will not be considered for publication in this journal. Submission of a manuscript is interpreted as a statement of certification that no part of the manuscript is copyrighted by any other publisher nor is under review by any other formal publication. By submitting your manuscript to us, you agree on Academy Publisher copyright guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure that your manuscript does not cause any copyright infringements, defamation, and other problems.


Submitted papers are assumed to contain no proprietary material unprotected by patent or patent application; responsibility for technical content and for protection of proprietary material rests solely with the author(s) and their organizations and is not the responsibility of the Academy Publisher or its Editorial Staff. The main author is responsible for ensuring that the article has been seen and approved by all the other authors. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain all necessary copyright release permissions for the use of any copyrighted materials in the manuscript prior to the submission. For more information about Permission Request.


Authors are asked to sign a warranty and copyright agreement upon acceptance of their manuscript, before the manuscript can be published. The Copyright Transfer Agreement can be downloaded here (in fillable PDF).



Publication Charges and Orders


All the journals published by Academy Publisher are ‘Open Access’ journals, which means that  the publication cost should be covered by the author's institution or research funds.


The author's company or institution will be requested to pay a flat publication fee of EUR 360 for an accepted manuscript regardless of the length of the paper. The publication charges are mandatory. In addition, translation paper undergoes professional language checking will be charged EUR 10 per 1000 words (~1 page).


Authors can order hard copies of the issue with a price of EUR 100 for 1 copy, 160 for 2 copies, 180 for 3 copies, 50 per copy for 4 copies or more. Reprints of the paper can be ordered with a price of EUR 100 for 20, 160 for 40, 180 for 60, 50 per 20 for 80 or more reprints (without covers).



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