ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 4    Issue : 4    Date : August 2009

Spatio-Temporal Querying of Video Content Using SQL for Quantizable Video Databases
Vani Jain and Ramazan S. Aygün
Page(s): 215-227
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Multimedia database modeling and representation play an important role for efficient storage and
retrieval of multimedia. Modeling of semantic video content that enables spatio-temporal queries is
one of the challenging tasks. A video is called as “quantizable” if the instants of a video are enough
for a person to imagine the missing scenes properly. A semantic query for quantizable videos can
be defined in a more flexible way using spatio-temporal instants. In this paper, we provide a
semantic modeling and retrieval system, termed as G-SMART. Firstly, the videos are quantized
according to semantic events. Then semantic instants and events of the video that include objects,
events, and locations are provided as a grammar-based string. This linear string representation
enables both the spatial and temporal retrieval of the video using Structured Query Language (SQL).
The redundancy in this linear representation is reduced by using data reduction properties such as
removal of implied information. Various types of queries such as event-object-location, event-
location, object-location, event-object, current-next event, projection and semantic event are
supported by G-SMART. A graphical user interface is designed to build queries and view the query
results. GSMART enables multimodal presentation by displaying the query results in the form
images and videos. We show our results on a tennis video database.

Index Terms
Video databases, semantic modeling, multimodal information retrieval, spatiotemporal queries