ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 4    Issue : 3    Date : June 2009

A Novel Self-adaptation Differential Energy Video Watermarking Scheme in Copyright Protection
Tanfeng Sun, Xinghao Jiang, Shusen Shi, Zhigao Lin, and Guanglei Fu
Page(s): 153-160
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This paper proposes a novel self-adaptation differential energy watermarking based on the Watson
visual model, which inserts robust watermark into video streaming according to the differential
energy theory. This algorithm can control the watermark's embedding intensity of sub-low AC
coefficients in the video streaming adaptively based on the Watson visual model. And it also can be
self-adaptive cheesed that the region should be embed watermarks according to the relationship
between the energy adjustable threshold and their differential energy. So watermark not only meets
the non-visual perception, but also has the better robustness. Experiments show that this algorithm
has strong robustness and security against the usual video attacks such as noise, filter and
compression attack etc with low complexity of energy computation and high capacity.

Index Terms
self-adaptation, differential energy watermarking, Watson visual mode, sub-low AC coefficients,
copyright protection