ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

Sports Video Analysis: Semantics Extraction, Editorial Content Creation and Adaptation
Changsheng Xu, Jian Cheng, Yi Zhang, Yifan Zhang, and Hanqing Lu
Page(s): 69-79
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Advances in computing, networking, and multimedia technologies have led to a tremendous growth
of sports video content and accelerated the need of analysis and understanding of sports video
content. Sports video analysis has been a hot research area and a number of potential applications
have been identified. In this paper, we summarize our research achievement on semantics
extraction and automatic editorial content creation and adaptation in sports video analysis. We first
propose a generic multi-layer and multi-modal framework for sports video analysis. Then we
introduce several mid-level audio/visual features which are able to bridge the semantic gap
between low-level features and high-level understanding. We also discuss emerging applications
on editorial content creation and content enhancement/adaptation in sports video analysis,
including event detection, sports MTV generation, automatic broadcast video generation, tactic
analysis, player action recognition, virtual content insertion, and mobile sports video adaptation.
Finally, we identify future directions in terms of research challenges remained and real applications

Index Terms
Sports video, Semantic analysis, Audio keywords, Tactics analysis, Event detection