ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 4    Issue : 2    Date : April 2009

SPF-A*: Searching Multimedia Data in Heterogeneous Mobile P2P Network
Fan Ye, EnHong Chen, Qing Li, and Xuxiang Chen
Page(s): 63-68
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Mobile P2P (MP2P) network has been widely used in everyday life combined with the wireless
technology development. However, most previous works concentrate on the assumption that the
mobile peers are identical of their inner properties in compositing a MP2P network. However, in
current network environment, heterogeneous devices are widely used; they may have different  
storage sizes, data transmission rate, processing ability and even security levels. In such kind of
MP2P Network environment, how to make data transmission effectively is challenge. In this paper,
we concentrate on how to effectively obtain a queried multimedia resource and generate a path for
such data transmission on the overlay MP2P network, so as to make the resource more effectively
transmit among the heterogeneous peers. A new path generating algorithm called SPF-A* (Super
Peer First A*) is devised, and simulation studies are conducted to validate our proposal.

Index Terms
Path Generating, Heterogeneous, Mobile MP2P network