ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

Multimedia Representation of Music Pieces Encoded in Symbolic Format: an Approach Based on
Csound, MPEG-4, SuperCollider, CML, Chuck and IEEE 1599
Elisa Russo
Page(s): 25-29
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The IEEE 1599 standard offers new potentialities to the most common and effective synthesis
systems for the manipulation of timbres. This articles describes how sounds produced in a
particular synthesis system can be managed in a complete and intuitive environment thanks by
interacting with files designed according to the IEEE 1599 standard and with their contents. It is
shown how easy it is to obtain the notes expressed in the syntax of a particular synthesis language
starting from IEEE 1599 symbolic information. Therefore, it is possible to let IEEE 1599 files sound
with any synthesis algorithm.

Index Terms
IEEE 1599, XML, Computer Music, Sound Synthesis, Symbolic Representation