ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 4    Issue : 1    Date : February 2009

Automatic Music Synchronization Using Partial Score Representation Based on IEEE 1599
Antonello D'Aguanno and Giancarlo Vercellesi
Page(s): 19-24
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This article proposes the new algorithm ParSi, for Partial Synchronization, which aligns different
PCM executions with a partial music score representation. While in general most synchronization
algorithms require a complete score representation, this algorithm is able to synchronize different
PCM audio executions with a partial music score codified in MIDI. Therefore, only one MIDI
instrument - chosen by user - is needed for audio-score alignment. The MIDI file is selected by
taking into account the related IEEE 1599 file. Audio analysis is performed using a notch filter. A set
of convenient parameters is used during the decisional phase. Analysis of synchronization results
is provided, showing that it possible to have a good automatic synchronization, even if just a partial
score is available.

Index Terms
IEEE 1599, Music Content Analysis, Synchronization, MIDI