ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : December 2008

Multi-Scale Criteria for the Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms
Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet and Laurent Guigues
Page(s): 42-56
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This paper deals with evaluation of image segmentation methods. We start with a state-of-the art of
the evaluation criteria, involving a reference segmentation or not. Based on an analysis of the main
existing criteria, we propose new criteria, when no ground-truth is available. These criteria, based
on an energetic formalism, take into account both the complexity of the segmented image, through
the boundary length and the goodness-of-fit of an underlying model with the initial data. The main
interest is not to fix the level of detail expected by the evaluation criterion but to leave it to the user’s
choice, according to his purpose. These evaluation criteria are thus multi-scale criteria. Various
forms of energy formulation are experimentally compared. Then after having chosen a particular
energy, the performances of this new criterion is compared to the main existing criteria.

Index Terms
Image, evaluation, segmentation, criterion, energy, scale