ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 5    Date : December 2008

Applicability of White-Balancing Algorithms to Restoring Faded Colour Slides: An Empirical Evaluation
Denis Nikitenko, Michael Wirth, and Kataline Trudel
Page(s): 9-18
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In this paper we investigated the applicability of commonly used white-balancing algorithms to restoring
faded photographic colour slides. We have used three sets of synthetic data that simulated colour
damage in Kodak Ektachrome slides, as well as three sets of real digitized faded Kodak Ektachrome
slides. We have restored all the data sets using nine different algorithms and evaluated restoration
results using human participants. In addition, we have conducted an evaluation of the restored synthetic
data using a distance metric .We found that while some algorithms provided acceptable restoration of
synthetic images, none were found by the human participants to adequately restore real-world data. In
addition, we found no correlation between human-based and metric-based evaluation results on 2 out of
3 synthetic data sets. Our results form a strong indication that commonly used white-balancing methods
are inadequate for restoring faded colour slides and that simple colour distance metrics do not
necessarily correspond to human perception of colour quality.

Index Terms
colour image processing, colour restoration, colour metrics, empirical performance evaluation