ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : October 2008

Introducing JOUNBO: A New Advanced Online Journal and Newspaper Browser
Petros Lalos and George S. Tombras
Page(s): 26-33
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Today, digital journals and newspapers are available online by almost any publishing agency. The
effect of this rapidly growing use creates an increased demand for solutions which allow handling,
organizing and distributing of high quality digital content in a quick, device independent and
minimum network resourcing manner. This work presents a realistic solution based on a simple
principle. A high resolution “mother image” is stored on an image server. This “mother image”
serves as the foundation for subsequent image slices that are used for websites display with the
potential of having a vast number of resolutions, depending on a client’s online request.

Index Terms
Image slicing, high resolution images, digital newspapers, digital magazines.