ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 4    Date : October 2008

Dynamic Generation of SMIL-Based Multimedia Interfaces
José  Manuel Oliveira and Eurico Carrapatoso
Page(s): 14-25
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The current heterogeneous world of networks and terminals combined with the generalized mobility
of users pose telecommunications operators and service providers the challenge of dynamically
adapt the services they provide. This paper presents a proposal to solve the problem of the
adaptation of multimedia services in mobile contexts. The paper combines context-awareness
techniques with user interface modeling and description to dynamically adapt telecommunications
services to user resources, in terms of terminal and network conditions. The solution is mainly
characterized by the approach used for resolving the existing dependencies among user interface
variables, which is based on the constraints theory, and by the mechanism for acquiring the user
context information, which uses the Parlay/OSA interfaces. The experiments and tests carried out
with these techniques demonstrate a general improvement of the adaptation of multimedia services
in mobile environments, in comparison to systems that do not dynamically integrate the user context
information in the adaptation process.

Index Terms
multimedia adaptation, dynamic generation, mobile environments, context gathering, SMIL