ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 3    Date : July 2008

Vibrotactile Rendering of Human Emotions on the Manifold of Facial Expressions
Shafiq ur Réhman and Li Liu
Page(s): 18-25
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Facial expressions play an important role in every day social interaction. To enhance the daily life
experience for the visually impaired, we present the Facial Expression Appearance vibroTactile
System (FEATS), which uses a vibrotactile chair as the social interface for the visually impaired. An
array of vibrating motors are mounted spatially on the back of an office chair. The Locally Linear
Embedding (LLE) algorithm is extended to compute the manifold of facial expressions, which is
used to control vibration of motors to render emotions. Thus, the chair could provide the visually
impaired with on-line dynamic emotion  information about the person he/she is communicating with.
Usability evaluation of the system is carried out. The results are encouraging and demonstrate
usability for the visually impaired. The user studies show that perfect recognition accuracy of
emotion type is achieved by the FEATS.

Index Terms
locally linear embedding, vibrotactile interface, visually impaired, manifold of facial expressions,
personal mimic gallery