ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 2    Date : June 2008

Interactive Face Generation from Verbal Description Using Conceptual Fuzzy Sets
Hafida Benhidour and Takehisa Onisawa
Page(s): 52-59
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In this article, a human centered approach for interactive face generation is presented. The users of
the system are given the possibility to interactively generate faces from verbal description. The
system generates automatically an average face from the same race of the target face using
anthropometric measurements of the face and the head and displays it to the user as an initial face.
This face is then transformed to the desired face according to the verbal description given by the
user. The user describes each facial feature using words, and then the feature changes according
to the user’s description. Depending on the race of the user and the gender of the face drawn, the
relation between the size of each facial feature and the set of the linguistic words used to describe it
is obtained using Conceptual Fuzzy Sets(CFS), which are used to represent the meaning of the
words. CFSs can represent context dependent meaning. The context here is the race of the user
and the gender of the target face. We describe the encouraging results of the experiments and
discuss future directions for our face generation system.

Index Terms
anthropometric measurements of the face, face generation, context dependent meaning of words,
conceptual fuzzy sets