ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 2    Date : June 2008

Typhoon Locating and Reconstruction from the Infrared Satellite Cloud Image
Tsang-Long Pao and Jun-Heng Yeh
Page(s): 45-51
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Typhoon inflicts terrible damage due to thunderstorms, violent winds, torrential rain, flooding and
extreme high tides. Improving the early typhoon forecast capability is important for the disaster
prevention. In recent years, many scholars have made efforts in typhoon center location, typhoon
intensity estimation and moving path prediction from the satellite images. Moreover, it may be useful
to transfer the useful information of typhoon to the audience in a low bandwidth environment. In this
paper, we proposed a novel approach that partitions the satellite cloud image into slices to extract
typhoon features. Then we used morphology operations and statistical image classification
methods to locate the center and the contour of the typhoon. In addition, we applied the vector
quantization method to encode typhoon satellite images owing to its fast image reconstruction
capability in different resolutions and regions of interest. The infrared satellite images of 71
typhoons from mature period to decaying period occurred between 1995 and 2006 are tested in this
paper. We used the proposed method to recognize, locate and reconstruct typhoon images from
these collected satellite cloud images. Experimental results show that the main body of a typhoon
image can be segmented effectively from the infrared satellite cloud image with complex
background and reconstructed in regions of interest and resolution required.

Index Terms
Typhoon center location, typhoon image reconstruction, typhoon recognition