ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 2    Date : June 2008

A Novel Image Steganographic Method Using Tri-way Pixel-Value Differencing
Ko-Chin Chang, Chien-Ping Chang, Ping S. Huang, and Te-Ming Tu
Page(s): 37-44
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To enlarge the capacity of the hidden secret information and to provide an imperceptible
stego-image for human vision, a novel steganographic approach using tri-way pixel-value
differencing (TPVD) is proposed in this paper. To upgrade the hiding capacity of original PVD
method referring to only one direction, three different directional edges are considered and
effectively adopted to design the scheme of tri-way pixel-value differencing. In addition, to reduce the
quality distortion of stego-image brought from setting larger embedding capacity, an optimal
approach of selecting the reference point and adaptive rules are presented. Theoretical estimation
and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can provide superior embedding
capacity and give secrecy protection from dual statistical stego-analysis. Besides, the embedded
confidential information can be extracted from stego-images without the assistance of original

Index Terms
Steganography, Pixel-value differencing, Data hiding.