ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 2    Date : June 2008

Enabling Error-Resilient Internet Broadcasting using Motion Compensated Spatial Partitioning
and Packet FEC for the Dirac Video Codec
M. Tun, K. K. Loo, and J. Cosmas
Page(s): 1-11
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Video transmission over the wireless or wired network require protection from channel errors since
compressed video bitstreams are very sensitive to transmission errors because of the use of
predictive coding and variable length coding. In this paper, a simple, low complexity and patent free
error-resilient coding is proposed. It is based upon the idea of using spatial partitioning on the
motion compensated residual frame without employing the transform coefficient coding. The
proposed scheme is intended for open source Dirac video codec in order to enable the codec to be
used for Internet broadcasting. By partitioning the wavelet transform coefficients of the motion
compensated residual frame into groups and independently processing each group using
arithmetic coding and Forward Error Correction (FEC), robustness to transmission errors over the
packet erasure wired network could be achieved. Using the Rate Compatibles Punctured Code
(RCPC) and Turbo Code (TC) as the FEC, the proposed technique provides gracefully decreasing
perceptual quality over packet loss rates up to 30%. The PSNR performance is much better when
compared with the conventional data partitioning only methods. Simulation results show that the
use of multiple partitioning of wavelet coefficient in Dirac can achieve up to 8 dB PSNR gain over its
existing un-partitioned method.

Index Terms
Error-resilient coding, coefficient partitioning, wavelets, Dirac