ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 3    Issue : 2    Date : June 2008

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Enabling Error-Resilient Internet Broadcasting using Motion Compensated Spatial Partitioning
and Packet FEC for the Dirac Video Codec
M. Tun, K. K. Loo, and J. Cosmas
Page(s): 1-11
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Discrete LQ Rate Control for MPEG2 Video Streaming System
Xiaofei Zhou and Kenneth Ong
Page(s): 12-19
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (358 KB)

A Robust Color Image Quantization Algorithm Based on Knowledge Reuse of K-Means
Clustering Ensemble
Yuchou Chang, Dah-Jye Lee, Yi Hong, James Archibald, and Dong Liang
Page(s): 20-27
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (452 KB)

Visual Tracking Using Color Cameras and Time-of-Flight Range Imaging Sensors
Leila Sabeti, Ehsan Parvizi, and Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Page(s): 28-36
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (1,245 KB)

A Novel Image Steganographic Method Using Tri-way Pixel-Value Differencing
Ko-Chin Chang, Chien-Ping Chang, Ping S. Huang, and Te-Ming Tu
Page(s): 37-44
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (578 KB)

Typhoon Locating and Reconstruction from the Infrared Satellite Cloud Image
Tsang-Long Pao and Jun-Heng Yeh
Page(s): 45-51
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Interactive Face Generation from Verbal Description Using Conceptual Fuzzy Sets
Hafida Benhidour and Takehisa Onisawa
Page(s): 52-59
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Extraction of Subject-Specific Facial Expression Categories and Generation of Facial
Expression Feature Space using Self-Mapping
Masaki Ishii, Kazuhito Sato, Hirokazu Madokoro, and Makoto Nishida
Page(s): 60-67
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