ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 2    Issue : 4    Date : August 2007

The Cut Detection Issue in the Animation Movie Domain
Bogdan Ionescu, Patrick Lambert, Didier Coquin, and Vasile Buzuloiu
Page(s): 10-19
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In this paper we are proposing an improved cut detection algorithm adapted to the animation
movies domain. A cut is the direct concatenation of two different shots and produces an important
visual discontinuity in the video stream. As color is one major feature of the animation movies (each
movie has its own particular color palette) the proposed approach performs by thresholding the
distance values obtained between frame color histograms. To overcome the difficulty raised by the
peculiarity of the animation movies several improvements have been adopted. The frames are
divided intro quadrants to reduce the influence of the entering/exiting objects. The second order
derivative is used to reduce the influence of the fast object/camera motions. For the frame
classification, an automatic threshold estimation is proposed. Moreover, to reduce the false
detections, we are proposing an algorithm to detect a particular color effect, named ”short color
changes” (i.e. lightnings, explosions, flashes etc.). The proposed cut detection algorithm achieved
better results compared to the conventional histogram–based and motion–discontinuity based
approaches as shown by tests conducted on several animation movies.

Index Terms
video segmentation, histogram-based cut detection, automatic threshold estimation, short color
changes detection, animation movies, video indexing.