ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 2    Issue : 3    Date : June 2007

Packet Loss Concealment for G.722 using Side Information with Application to Voice over
Wireless LANs
Niranjan Shetty and Jerry D. Gibson
Page(s): 66-76
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The G.722 wideband speech codec offers higher quality and better naturalness than G.711, is low
in complexity, has low delay, and tandems well with other codecs. This makes it an attractive codec
for Voice over IP and Voice over Wireless LANs. However, loss of a G.722 coded speech frame
results in a mismatch of the encoder/decoder states that affects the decoding of subsequent
correctly received frames. We present a new packet loss concealment (PLC) method for G.722 and
propose an efficient approach to sending the side information to improve concealment of the lost
frame and to resynchronize the encoder and decoder. The proposed method greatly improves the
robustness of the G.722 codec to packet losses for Voice over Wireless LANs. Wideband
Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality Mean Opinion Score (WB-PESQ MOS) is used as the
quality metric for evaluating the performance of the PLC schemes.

Index Terms
G.722, packet loss concealment, voice over wireless LANs