ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 2    Issue : 3    Date : June 2007

A Rate Estimation Framework for Matching Pursuits Video Coding
Haoxiang Zhang, Adrian N. Evans, and Donald M. Monro
Page(s): 36-45
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The Bath University Matching Pursuit (BUMP) project aims at developing new matching pursuit (MP)
algorithms for still image and video compression. Compared to traditional MP coding, BUMP has
many new features that have been designed with the aim of producing an efficient MP
representation with reduced complexity. In this paper, we study in depth the characteristics the of bit
rate change along the coding process of BUMP coder, and then propose a mathematical framework
for describing the relationship between the number of coded atoms and the resultant bit rate. The
framework has a very simple form and demonstrates very high modeling accuracy, which allows a
precise estimation of the number of bits to be used throughout the coding process. We then present
an adaptive algorithm for predicting the number of bits for use in our hybrid wavelet/MP video coder.
Experiments show that the proposed rate estimation scheme is able to provide an extremely
accurate estimation for the BUMP based video coder.

Index Terms
video coding, matching pursuits, bit rate estimation model, rate control