ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 2    Issue : 3    Date : June 2007

A New Object-Based System for Fractal Video Sequences Compression
Kamel Belloulata and Shiping Zhu
Page(s): 17-25
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A novel object-based fractal monocular and stereo video compression scheme with
quadtree-based motion and disparity compensation is proposed in this paper. Fractal coding is
adopted and each object is encoded independently by a prior image segmentation alpha plane,
which is defined exactly as in MPEG-4. The first n frames of right video sequence are encoded by
using the Circular Prediction Mapping (CPM) and the remaining frames are encoded by using the
Non Contractive Interframe Mapping (NCIM). The CPM and NCIM methods accomplish the motion
estimation/ compensation of right video sequence. According to the different coding or user
requirements, the spatial correlations between the left and right frames can be explored by partial or
full affine transformation quadtree-based disparity estimation/ compensation, or simply by applying
CPM/NCIM on left video sequence. The testing results with the nature monocular and stereo video
sequences provide promising performances at low bit rate coding. We believe it will be a powerful
and efficient technique for the object-based monocular and stereo video sequences coding.

Index Terms
Monocular and stereo video coding, fractal coding, object-based coding, low bit rate coding.