ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 2    Issue : 1    Date : February 2007

Article Information

A Framework for Gesture Interface Design
Zhenyao Mo and Ulrich Neumann
Page(s): 1-9
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (770 KB)

An Assignment Scheme to Control Multiple Pan/Tilt Cameras for 3D Video
Sofiane Yous, Norimichi Ukita, and Masatsugu Kidode
Page(s): 10-19
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (1,297 KB)

Extreme Zoom Surveillance: System Design and Image Restoration
Yi Yao, Besma R. Abidi, and Mongi A. Abidi
Page(s): 20-31
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (729 KB)

The Virtuality and Reality of Augmented Reality
Jung Yeon Ma and Jong Soo Choi
Page(s): 32-37
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (568 KB)

Evaluation of Multi-sensory Feedback on the Usability of a Virtual Assembly Environment
Ying Zhang, Adrian R L Travis, and Neil Collings
Page(s): 38-47
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (2,508 KB)

UTBot: A Virtual Agent Platform for Teaching Agent System Design
In-Cheol Kim
Page(s): 48-53
Abstract  |  Full Text: PDF (584 KB)