ISSN : 1796-2048
Volume : 1    Issue : 7    Date : November/December 2006

A Microscopic Telepathology System for Multiresolution Computer-Aided Diagnostics
Grigory Begelman, Michael Pechuk, Ehud Rivlin, and Edmond Sabo
Page(s): 40-48
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The aim of the presented system is simplification and speedup of the daily pathological
examination routine. The system combines telepathology with computer-aided diagnostics
algorithms. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first approach proposing such a
comprehensive method. Our system is designed to accumulate knowledge through a learning
process during diagnostics. Our system targets image acquisition and interpretation stages. The
image acquisition subsystem solves various problems related to microscopical slide digitization
such as biomedical image registration, data representation, and processing. The interpretation
subsystem is based on Gabor filter texture features as well as on color features. A support vector
machine classifier together with a feature selection is used for computer-aided diagnostics. The
system design allows easy adaptation to a wide range of microscopical pathology examinations.
The system is easily deployed and scaled. It has a low support cost and can aggregate a wide
range of existing hardware. The experimental validation of the system is based on a database of
more than three thousand samples. During the experimental evaluation, the system exhibited
successful interaction with a pathologist.

Index Terms
computer-aided diagnostics, microscopical  telepatology, multiresolution analysis